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Parent Testimonials
407-365-CFCP (2327)
Central Florida Christian Preschool, LLC       DCF License No. C18SE0214          2230 Alafaya Trail, Oviedo, FL 32765           407-365-CFCP  (2327)
"Central Florida Christian Preschool provides such a safe and caring environment that I wouldn't consider placing my child anywhere else.  I have also observed the teachers all have a true love for the children and their jobs.  I always feel my child will be taken care of."
                                                VPK class parent

"My son loves his preschool.  His skills have flourished.  His teachers are wonderful.  We are so pleased to have found CFCP.  Our son loves to go to school to learn, play and spend time with his friends.  It's a great school."

                                                 3 year old class parent

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff and experience at CFCP.  On our 25 minute car rides to and from school, Delaney talks with excitement about all of the things she is learning.  Getting together once a month for Family Worship is a fun way to be involved with the songs and lessons the students are learning about faith in Jesus.  We will truly miss coming to CFCP next year!"

                                                   Bree and Duane
                                                   VPK class parents

"Our son David has flourished from going to CFCP.  He loves to go to school and comes home happy every day, sharing everything he did with me and his father.  David's teacher Sarah is very skilled and patient with the kids and it is clear she loves to teach them.  The director, Jennifer, is kind, flexible and loves every child at the school.  I would recommend CFCP to any parent looking for a school where their child will learn and grow, while being in a very protective and healthy environment."

                                                 2 year old class parent

"Alyssa comes home full of joy due to the accomplishments she feels she achieves daily while attending CFCP.  It brings joy to my heart when I tuck her in at night and hear her say her nightly prayers.  We are greatly appreciating the spiritual influence the school has on our precious Alyssa as we watch her Christianity develop and cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our angel Alyssa."

                                                 VPK class parent

"We have been so thankful for the structured and nurturing environment that CFCP has offered our daughter this year.  When asked about her day, our daughter's typical joyful response has been, 'Of course it was great!  I always love preschool!' From the sign-in at car line in the morning to pick-up in the afternoon, we can't say more about the wonderful staff and teachers!  Thank you CFCP!!"

                                                  VPK class parent

"I have found this school to be the best my daughters have attended.  Loving teachers and director, great educational tools, fantastic work/school environment.  I am pleased to have these teachers in my family's lives and would recommend this school to all my friends."
                                                  VPK and 3 year old class parent

"Nothing brings greater joy to our family than knowing that our daughter is ecstatic about school and learning.  She consistently has fun and feels a sense of security, not only from her teacher, but all of the teachers at CFCP.  We are happy to have such a warm and inviting atmosphere centered around Christ for our daughter to grow and be nurtured in!"
                                                  2 year old class parent

"CFCP has been such a blessing for our family.  The loving learning environment and great teachers have been a perfect introduction to school for our little girl.  She loves to go to school!"
                                                  2 year old class parent
Ages 1 to 4   •   VPK Provider